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Your Gateway to a Rewarding Career in Healthcare

At UNIFI, we work with autistic children and their families to provide compassionate and cutting edge therapy solutions. Whether you are just starting your career in healthcare, or are an experienced registered behavior technician (RBT), a role at UNIFI means world-class mentorship, dependable schedules, and a rewarding, fulfilling career.

Our RBTs work alongside board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) to deliver programming that helps children develop new communication, social, and life skills.

You’ll also have fun! As an RBT, you’ll get to work with children and be a part of life-changing moments, from facilitating imaginative play to helping a patient say “Mom” or “Dad” for the first time.


Engage in meaningful
work that inspires


Turn compassion
into action


Grow professionally


Empower children
through ABA therapy

Turn Your Passion for Care Into a Life-Changing Career

Guided Growth and Professional Enrichment

Benefit from the expertise of skilled mentors who support your journey, offering valuable guidance and exposure to diverse perspectives that enhance your healthcare career. In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, UNIFI provides structured professional development opportunities, allowing you to expand your passion for caregiving to new heights.

Reliable Schedules and Hours

At UNIFI, we prioritize work-life balance and understand the significance of dependable schedules in fostering career growth. You can count on a reliable schedule and guaranteed hours, providing a solid foundation for personal and professional advancement.

Putting Compassion into Action

As an RBT at UNIFI, each day offers unique experiences, but one constant is the meaningful impact you make and the enjoyment you derive from it. Working within a supportive team, you’ll implement behavioral interventions that empower autistic children to develop essential skills for a fulfilling life.


Our UNIFI team is made up of passionate and experienced professionals who are guided by our C.A.R.E values:
Compassion • Acceptance • Reliability • Effectiveness.