Dorron Farris


Dorron Farris

Chief Growth Officer

Dorron brings over 20 years of experience empowering families and improving parent outcomes in healthcare and behavioral health. As Chief Growth Officer at UNIFI Autism Care, he is devoted to furthering our mission of creating an autism care system through innovative and integrated behavioral healthcare, via collaboration among all the patient’s treatment providers in a shared pursuit to obtain meaningful outcomes.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dorron has spearheaded growth initiatives that expand access to life-changing care. His trailblazing leadership in the ABA field has enabled hundreds of families to benefit from high-quality therapy. He has built an extensive network of referrals by educating physicians, schools, and advocates on the transformative impact of ABA.

At UNIFI, Dorron aims to broaden our reach so we can serve more families with excellence and compassion. He will lead strategic partnerships and awareness campaigns conveying the importance of early ABA intervention. His focus is on holistic growth that enhances UNIFI’s ability to improve social, emotional, and cognitive outcomes for children. With decades dedicated to helping families thrive and realize their children’s promise, Dorron is uniquely positioned to accelerate UNIFI’s mission of creating an autism care system that provides innovative and integrated behavioral healthcare. As our Chief Growth Officer, he will be an invaluable champion in establishing UNIFI as the leading catalyst for hope, progress, and possibility for families impacted by autism.