Autism is not always a disability; for some, it opens doors to new ways of understanding and interacting with the world.

But there can be autism-related disabilities that interfere with a child’s natural developmental progress. For some children, those disabilities may be profound.

UNIFI Autism Care recognizes the importance of personalized, child-centered treatment for autism-related disabilities that supports and respects a child’s developmental progress and overall well-being. Our whole-child approach focuses on building strengths, promoting resilience, and improving life-course outcomes.

We recognize the power of ‘shared care’ treatment planning. Incorporating family aspirations and involvement of other members of a child’s health-resource community, such as pediatricians, psychologists, therapists, and teachers, produces the best long-term outcomes.

Every experience of autism is unique, but there are some common strengths of autistic individuals:

Honesty, Loyalty, Reliability
Creativity, Attention to detail
Strong sense of right and wrong
Memory, Observant, Perseverance
Self-confidence, Acceptance