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Partner With Us for Better Outcomes

UNIFI Autism Care believes that optimizing the outcomes for children with autism and other neurobehavioral conditions will only be achieved by equitable influence and genuine collaboration among all the personal and professional resource-communities committed to their well-being. Our unified approach to treatment planning and care delivery actively “shares the care” of children with other professional in order to support the overall health and well-being of child and family.
The UNIFI “Whole Child” model is grounded in the principles of pediatric complex care and behavioral health integration. It is designed to orchestrate goal setting and therapeutic experiences around an integrated, inclusive care planning framework based on the patient’s (and families) strengths, needs and goals. The UNIFI model also incorporates key non-clinical principles, including developmentally appropriate practices, shared decision making, therapeutic alliance, and interprofessional collaboration and accountability.
Our Integrated Care Model is designed to provide the highest quality care and superior outcomes for your patients with autism.
By partnering with UNIFI Autism Care you can:
  • Enhance your autism care capabilities
  • Access our national experts and proven therapy model
  • Integrate behavioral health into whole-patient care
  • Improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction