Erica Outlaw


Erica Outlaw, BCBA, LBA

Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations

Erica Outlaw is a distinguished Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over a decade of dedicated experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, specifically focusing on individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. Her academic journey began at Purdue University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology, and later completed her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Erica’s academic excellence complements her extensive practical expertise, allowing her to adopt a well-rounded approach to autism treatment.

Erica’s current role as Executive Vice President (EVP) of Clinical Operations at UNIFI Autism Care includes the oversight of clinical operations and workflows, clinical training and standardization, and patient outcomes. Over the course of her career, Erica has held leadership roles in various capacities, displaying remarkable proficiency in diverse operational areas. Her commitment to providing the most effective care to individuals with autism and their families is underscored by her experiences in strategic operational leadership, infrastructure development, and organizational transformation. Erica’s experience in the development of service line design and implementation, P&L management, marketing and brand management, and leveraging data science, machine learning, and Business Intelligence for informed decision-making highlights her versatility and ability to drive strategic growth and operational excellence in complex healthcare environments.

Erica’s unique blend of operational acumen, clinical expertise, and commitment to excellence sets her apart in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She consistently seeks to raise the bar in autism care by delivering compassionate, innovative, and high-quality treatment and leadership.