Tim Courtney


Tim Courtney, DBA, BCBA

Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation

Dr. Tim Courtney, the Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at UNIFI Autism Care, is a national thought leader who has been leveraging over two decades of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) expertise to revolutionize autism therapy. He stands at the intersection of innovation and compassion, and his role at UNIFI extends to overseeing the revenue cycle management system and facilities, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable growth.

Tim’s groundbreaking work earned him the Implementation Award at the Autism Law Summit in 2019. He is an expert in ABA operations and a pioneer in medical necessity, systems, and workflows. He has developed invaluable training programs that empower providers to navigate insurance mandates and justify essential services. His operational acumen is perhaps best illustrated by his transformative work with a non-profit ABA organization on the brink of closure. Tim engineered a system that not only salvaged the organization but elevated it to provide over $20 million in valuable services annually. This turnaround has had a ripple effect, enhancing the lives of hundreds of individuals with autism.

Tim has impressive academic credentials, including a Master’s degree in ABA from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Benedictine University. However, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to advocacy. He is a tireless champion for individuals with autism and constantly seeks ways to optimize operations to better meet their unique needs.