Families & Caregivers

We’re Here to Help You and Your Child Flourish

Raising a child with autism comes with unique joys and challenges. At UNIFI, we provide the compassionate, expert support you need so your child can reach their fullest potential.The foundation of child development rests on a child’s capacity to interact with their environment. The ability to sense, receive, and respond to information and experiences drives the development of individualized abilities, functional skills, and patterns of behavior.

For some children, the common core symptoms of autism can have developmental consequences: challenges with communication, social interaction, and behavior. These symptoms become barriers to interaction with the environment (people, places, and things) and can disrupt a child’s natural developmental progress.

With our personalized treatment approach:

  • You’ll better understand your child’s abilities and needs
  • We’ll set goals tailored to your family’s aspirations
  • Your child will gain communication, social, and life skills
  • You’ll feel empowered, informed, and hopeful

And we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Let’s work together to help your child thrive!

For more information see Our Approach.

“Aspirational treatment planning, which means setting high expectations for the child and sustaining family hopes and dreams for their child. Recent studies have shown that the “the most powerful force in changing outcomes for young people with significant disabilities is not ultimate found in the plans we craft, the services we offer, the instruction we provide or the systems we build, but in the expectations and aspirations individual parents hold for their sons and daughters.”

Professor Erik Carter, PhD, FAIDD
Vanderbilt University