Our Approach

Your Child, Your Goals

Our approach to autism therapy is centered around your family.

Our Whole-Child Model is focused on naturalistic, developmental interventions. We create opportunities for therapeutic interactions and experiences for your child that are designed to support treatment goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’re assigned a personal UNIFI Care Navigator to guide you through the process
  • Our process begins with a detailed discovery phase where we invest time in understanding your child’s unique needs and family dynamics. Following this, our clinicians conduct a thorough assessment to tailor our approach to your child’s development.
  • From that assessment, we create a individualized Treatment Plan incorporating child and family-centered and health-related goals.
  • Plans are broken into 6-month cycles so we can continuously adjust and improve.
  • Parents and caregivers are actively involved every step of the way.

Your Child's Custom Treatment Path

The first step to care is a comprehensive assessment so we can understand your child’s unique needs. Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst will:

  • Review your child’s medical records and history
  • Observe your child in a clinical setting
  • Conduct an evidence-based evaluation of current abilities
  • Discuss your family’s goals, priorities, and concerns

The assessment typically takes 2-3 sessions over 1-2 weeks. After completing the evaluation, our team will collaborate with you and any other care providers to develop your child’s Treatment Plan.

This plan will outline:

  • Long-term goals based on your vision for your child
  • Specific 6-month objectives that build key skills
  • The frequency and formats of therapy sessions
  • Ways for you to support your child’s progress at home

We’ll walk through the plan together and get your approval before moving forward. Our goal is complete alignment between our team and your family!